Happy Anniversary to my darling husband❤️

Thanking God that he saved my life to celebrate 15 years of marriage with you. God is great. Saying Happy Anniversary to my husband, best friend and the man that rows my boat! Thank you for always having my back, catching me when I am about to fall and treating my like a queen everyday. This has been a beautiful but rough journey with tidal waves like breast cancer, autism, but you captain this ship like ah boss. To 35 more wonderful years in Jesus name. I was told this morning by the ladies at CVM that I am lucky to have found you. No sah, I am not lucky I am blessed. Every challenge disappears when I see you smile with your quiet confidence and unconditional love. So cheers to you Mr Powell. I love you like cook food. And you know how I love food! #tomyking 🇯🇲❤️💋🇹🇹🍷

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