Basia’s Carnival Diary 2017

After several reports of widespread crime and violence facing my country (Trinidad and Tobago) I was very  concerned about attending Trinidad Carnival this year. Nevertheless, my homesickness got the better of me and I surrendered. It was fete after fete ( otherwise known as partying after partying) . The highlight for me as always was Brian Lara’s All-inclusive  party or should I say experience. Special thanks to  Brian and his management for always showing my husband and I a great time. Then there was Vale Vibe (Breakfast party) and Bayview and the pan yard and the list goes on.

I am very proud of my country. We have some issues to fix , and we will fix it, but for now we have to focus on what we have going for us. Carnival time in Trinidad and Tobago is the time you reconnect with former school mates and other acquaintances you have not seen for many years. It’s the time that you can truly forget any problem you may have and let your hair down or shave it off😂😂😂

We put on the greatest show on earth every year like no other. Trinidad and Tobago has mastered the science of what a great Carnival is all about. Many countries have tried to replicate but none can ever duplicate the experience of what the atmosphere of a Fantastic Friday night or a Carnival Sunday at Dimanche Gras (Calypso competition) , the premier All Inclusive party experiences and not to mention Carnival Monday and Tuesday on the road playing mas with Tribe, Harts, Bliss or Ronnie and  Caro and many others.

If you are somewhere in the world right now and you can’t understand what I just described, don’t take my word for it, just try it once. Visit Trinidad and Tobago and eat a Bake and Shark, a doubles, a roti, some Pelau;go to the pan yard and listen to the rhythm of our culture ,;dance to our soca music and buy your costume in advance before it sells off .

Trinidad and Tobago may have a few problems here and there, like any other country but hosting the greatest carnival on earth is not one of them. So as I jet off to Trumpland and I leave the sounds of “We jammin still Hold dem and wuk dem”🎶 in the streets of Port-Of-Spain, I say to my sweet country , “Be safe and Happy Carnival 🎡

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