A day in the life of a Slayer😍

First I pray and then I slay #allday #allnight. I love Sundays. I feel so blessed to be alive; to be able to talk,  walk and slay. Everyday I see  is a blessing. I know that “though I stumble I will not fall” He has me in the palm of His hands. This week I will walk with that confidence. And when you see me slaying just know I am representing for the One of made me and I am celebrating life. How do I celebrate my life? I slay all day all night. So it’s show time, guess whose back again, can I preach 🎶 … Have a wonderful week all and stop the hating; concentrate on slaying😎😘😘😍 #they ain’t ready for me #blameitonJesus #blessed #BrunoMars  check me out on the IG.basiapowell

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