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What can I say I went to sleep in London, England and woke up in Venice, Italy. A day in the life of a Slayer can be very hectic😜. I have been on a working holiday with my hubby supporting his cricket academy (Ricardo Powell Cricket Academy) in London. But as a working mother I have learnt the importance of taking time out to smell the roses. I have come to accept that even great moms need to recharge and take a #Girlstrip😎.

e of the things I try to do daily is to be present and enjoy everyday for what it has to offer. I love experiencing different cultures. It is a personal hobby of mine to taste different foods. On this trip to the U.K. I decided that I would not venture outside of London. Yeah right. As soon as my touring partner (Vanessa ) called and said she had plane tickets for us to go Venice 🇮🇹 for the following day, I forgot about my plan to sit still. After all it’s Venice.

eading about Venice in my European history class and I promised myself that I am going to embrace every opportunity to “Live the life I love and love the life I live .” So that means I will grasp the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful cities in the world. These days I mostly go with the flow and the flow is usually positive vibes.

So I caught uber to London Gatwick met my touring partner at Gatwick airport, and off we went to Venice Italy.

g in Venice we took a ferry from the airport to San Marco for what promised to be the most exotic experience of the summer. We arrived by water transportation, through the canals of Italy.

n the agenda was shopping, then lunch at an authentic Italian restaurant. We really did not have a fixed agenda as we were open to the Divine to bring us the best experiences the day had to offer. And He did not disappoint.

after an hour or so to the island of San Marco in the city of Venice. We had lunch, walked around to find the finest leather handbags a girl could purchase it Italy.

ht for me was traveling on the Gondola around the city through the canals. We were able to take in the view of this “sinking city” in all its splendor.

were hesitant to get on the Gondola, but we decided that this type of experience is only once in a lifetime and we only live once. So we did it and it was amazing traveling through the city of Venice in the Gondola!!! #Bucketlistchecked.

the Ricotta E Pistachio dessert was the BOMB.com

It’s been an exciting adventure. Heading back to London for my next adventure in “A day in the life of a #Slayer.” 😘#Staywoke😍😜✈️🇮🇹



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