A Day in the Life of a Slayer 💔

My Jamaican girlfriends and I were looking forward to the World Championship in London for a long time. Word on the street was, it would be Usain Bolt’s last race. Jamaicans came from all over the world to see the ‘big man’ win. Bolt was about to run his final race in London and it would be a moment like no other . My girlfriend Jackie did not disappoint. She got the best tickets in the stadium, in front of the finish line, where Usain would bring another gold home for the Caribbean and his fans around the world. We were fired up and ready to go. Many of us bought our tickets just to see that race , where he would hang up his gold spikes.

I was in charge of taking the pictures and my husband was responsible for the video. And the rest is history. He did not finish first. I cannot describe the silence and bewilderment in the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Stratford, London. The only way I can describe my feeling is to liken it to the way I felt when I woke up the morning after the US elections and realized that Hilary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump. 😋

My post analysis revealed that Usain Bolt beat himself with a bad start. Many hearts were broken but all hearts were filled with pride. At the end of the day how could a man who won 3 Olympics and holds a record of 9.58 be defeated. We may never see another human being break that record without being on a banned substance. He won because he won our hearts a very long time ago. He won because he has represented Jamaica and the entire Caribbean well, and he is a living legend. The truth is Usain is a human being just like all of us. It is very difficult when you are an athlete of his standard and the whole world expects you to be perfect and win every race.

I was in Jamaica earlier this year when Usain lost one of his closest friends and track and field colleagues in a crash, and it really affected him. Who knows maybe he has not yet recovered from the loss of his friend, but one thing is for sure, he does not have to feel the pressure of the fans wanting him to win every race ever again. He is a legend. He is still the fastest man in the world. We will forever remember his signature pose after every race and his gold spikes.

He said that London would be his last race, and it was. That’s what made it special. We got to see him represent his country for the last time on the world stage. His fans did not disappoint and were all right there, cheering for him at the finish line. As we say in Jamaica, ” It coulda worse.” We came from all over the world to see the GOAT one more time. Our hearts were full. We did not care that he did not come in first place. We were celebrating a true champion; a man who did what was required of him throughout the years. One bad race cannot erase a world record nor can it ruin the reputation of a legend.

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hank you Usain Bolt for making us proud to be Jamaican and Caribbean. 🇯🇲🇹🇹

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