Life in London, my summer diary 

I always enjoy visiting London in the summer. The highlights for me this summer in particular were, watching the legend #GOAT #Mr9.58,Usain Bolt run his last 100m race at the World Championships in Stratford, and my spontaneous girls trip to Venice Italy with my touring partner Vanessa. Cruising through the city in a gondola😍.< a href=””&gt; Not to mention my trips to the markets. Specifically Borough and Camden Markets. As a young girl growing up in the Caribbean I hated going to the market with my mother and aunt. Let’s just say the atmosphere was congested and the aroma was unpleasant. So when I was first invited to visit Borough Market by a family member, I was hesitant based on my childhood memories. Nevertheless I was open-minded and I obliged. Upon arrival, I was like a kid in the candy store and there began my love affair with Borough Market.

e then it is a "must go to" spot for me whenever I visit London. This market is amazing. I am most impressed by the wide variety of food, French desserts and then there is my favorite cafe that serves the hot chocolate with St Lucian Rum. Have to represent for the Caribbean.

u enter the market you are greeted by the most amazing food scents; too much to mention. My favorites are the vendors who cook the Paella 🥘, the burgers made from deer meet. The many vendors who have the freshly baked macaroons, pistachio cakes, every type of Olives, cheeses, fudges and the list goes on. The food is on point and the vibe is just right.

For the first time this year I went to Camden Market with my London crew. I loved it. This market offers a different atmosphere from Borough and also offers more clothing options. My favorite was the pork and chicken in steam buns. Absolutely delicious.

For some reason this time I saw London through different lenses. I realize what I love about London is the fact that is full of culture. I am captivated by how much the city maintains tradition and preserves culture. Not too impressed where their institutionalized racism but that is an article for a different day😡🍷. I had the most amazing time with my aunts-in-law, sister, cousins and close girlfriends who came up from Jamaica. Or am how can I forget dining at the Roofdeck restaurant at Selfridges with my sistren Neadene and my aunt Elaine👌😍? And catching up with my longtime school mate Carol- Ann and her family?

One Sunday evening my family members and I decided to take a stroll down Oxford street after dining in the Soho area. The experience was fascinating and it reminded us of our childhood. There were people playing music in the streets with the most unlikely instruments like buckets and we bumped into a group called “speakerboxstreetparty ” and the experience was exhilarating. This group goes through the streets of London spreading happiness. They play popular music from all over the world and people are encouraged to dance in a circle. All random people. Even yours truly jumped in the ring and showed a few moves.

][wp ] ]We stayed there for approximately 15 mins and left feeling so happy.

Overall, I realized that the “Brits” really live a very organic life in a congested city. They eat healthier than the average American, then walk a lot more, as well as, they utilize public transportation a lot more even if they have a car parked at home. They even take they families to the parks a lot more in the summer than we do.
ave had add this experience so I really must thank my fabulous husband who was hard at work developing his very talented cricketers from his academy, but he still made time for the occasional date. #grateful

Overall my summer in London was 🔥🔥🔥 if you are planning a trip to London soon, be sure to checkout Borough and Camden Markets. And a spontaneous trip to somewhere in Europe won’t hurt😜. It is worth your time.

Until next time this is your girl Basia, I am back in the A, on the grind, planning another day in the life of a #Slayer
more pics from this trip but it is simply too much😜

Stay woke🙏🏾

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