If you can’t run 🏃 walk

Hey guys

There is nothing like an early morning run. It was very difficult for me to run. However, running was the activity I wanted to master the most. I have never seen an overweight runner. I have always been a health and fitness enthusiast, but I started to take things to another level over the past two (2) years. It is difficult, but when you start seeing the results it becomes addictive.

So what did I do? First I changed my diet even more. Juicing my vegetables and fruits daily is a must. My husband and I now travel with a small bullet where ever we go. For those of you reading this blog and know me personally you might be asking, “What was there in your diet to change”? I always ate well or at least, so I thought. I had to eliminate foods that brought me processed sugars. I even stopped adding sugar or honey to my hot beverage in the mornings. Yes that was the hardest 😡. And then I added walking and now running to my exercise routine. I still go to the gym but I focus more on cardio. I don’t focus too much on weighing. I focus more on my inches and targeting the areas of my body I wish to work on.

y advise to you is if you already have great legs start with the area that is easiest to work on and then address the rest. Being a slayer is not easy 😜it requires determination and consistency in all areas of your life. You can't slay without a healthy body and a sharp mind.

In the most recent season of my TV show "Basiastylecooking" , I introduced my new lifestyle , "Healthy and fabulous ". I hope to take things up a notch or two this season by proving that eating healthy can be tasty and definitely results in you looking fabulous

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P.S “Slaying all day all night”😘

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