“Insecure” my TV addiction

Issa Rae you are the bomb.com. If you have not seen the series called Insecure on HBO; you missing out. Insecure is to me today what ‘Sex in the City” was to me back then. Executive Producer, Issa Rae brings real artistry to the screen with a lot of soul. I discovered the series after season 1 aired. One day I am at home minding my own business and my girlfriend and neighbor Ayanna phones me and asks if I was interested in coming over to her house at 10:30 pm Sunday night to have a glass of wine and watch this new series everyone is raving about, called Insecure. I said, “Sure…why not?” In my head I am thinking, “weird”.

img_6467Well it turns out that the only thing weird was the fact that I had not been watching this riveting, captivating, exhilarating new series from the start. The series is now in its 2nd season. However, thanks to modern technology I was able to catch up on season 1 before the start of season 2 that night. OMG, I am hooked. The story line is captivating and the actors all bring true artistry to their characters. Issa’s best friend Molly is the real life ‘lawyer girlfriend’ struggling to find the guy to match her idealistic professional checklist. As for Issa and her relationship, her boyfriend (once “sofa lover”) is now a highly sought after “stud”. I can wait to see the outcome.

I get it; I now see what all the hype is about. I am so hooked,now I am calling my girlfriend to find out if I can bring a bottle of wine over. If you have not seen “Insecure” yet and you are looking for your latest TV addiction, I got you, check it out.

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Take a look at the clip from season 2:

Insecure season 2

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