My man loves me the way I am

I am often very concerned when I hear women say, ” My man loves me just the way I am.” #BxxL. Obviously referring to their size or physical attributes. (If you are one of those women, then this article is for you.) In some cases, this may be true, assuming that he met you the way you currently look.

Let me be clear, I am not of the view that size zero is sexier than size 16. However, I am of the view that men are visual and whatever he saw when he met you is what he really likes. There are some men who like heavy-set women , others like women with big “butts” others like slim , “slim thick ” and the list goes on.


I am of the view that when a man decides that a woman is, “wife material,” then he marries her for who he sees and where she is at in her life. In most cases when a woman decides that a man is husband material, then she marries him for who he can or will become. Therefore, when women become someone else who is very different from the fantasy they once took out on a first date, then the psychological contract changes.

I once had an employee who said her husband loved her just the way she was, having put on 250 pounds post marriage. And yes, she was right, he did love her. But a man can love his wife and not like the way she is looking. I remember one day she said to me that he looked at one of their wedding pictures and commented, “I would never see this lady again, ” and laughed. That was her wake up call.

More importantly, if you are 200 pounds heavier than the day you got married; are you comfortable with that? If the answer is yes, then go on doing what you are doing but don’t be mad when a woman who is taking care of herself and maintaining her physical appearance, comes around your husband, because after all your husband is not visual and he likes you just the way you are. No worries 😉. If the answer is no, then it is time for you to take matters in your own hands and develop a health plan to get you back on track so you can live a long happy life.

img_6328< p style=”text-align: center”>A healthy diet is key!<<
meone's health has contributed to a change in the their physical appearance, then that is , " For better or for worse, sickness and in health." But if you can do better because you are not ill, but just can't be bothered to try, then that is  a part of " for lazier and laziest" .

should always want to be your best self and present your best self to your man. Men are visual and they would always appreciate the best you. Once you are healthy, you should always want to add regular exercise, fitness and diet to your life. It is a fact that your health is your wealth. People who are healthy, and happy live longer.

P.S This is not just for your man but for your self and your longevity.



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