My favorite styles for fall

If you know anything about me, you would know that I love ❤️ fashion. After all, I am a Slayer 😜. I take my personal fashion as a job. I plan my seasonal wardrobe carefully. My style is also determined not only by my personal taste but mainly by my budget. A point to note is, slayers slay on any budget.

At the end of one season, I comb through my favorite magazines and I plan my slay. My style is not determined by Vogue, Instyle or any of the other magazines. I use these magazine styles as my guideline. Style is something you develop over a period of time. It is not determined by what you wear. It is determined by who wears it. You must wear fashion; fashion must not wear you. If you have not heard, please note, “Not every style featured in a magazine is for you.” I said it! Don’t get caught up with too much brands. Get caught up with style. Not because a shoe cost $4000 it means it will look good on you, or with what you are wearing. Case in point this boots from Louis Vuitton is nice but not for me.

That being said I would like to share some of my “favs” this season with you. Please don’t take my suggestions literally. No need to break the bank. There are substitutes for every style to suit your budget. Be mindful of the difference between affordable and cheap. Always go with the affordable styles that look classy and expensive 😎. For example these Fendi red boots are “on” this season and similar looks are available in many brands that are more affordable like River Island and others.

Red is vary big this season even with clothing. This color seems to never go out of style.

Love this red dress by Fendi

And this red leather shirt. #stopit! The 80s are back and I am loving it!

Whatever you are feeling this season, there is a style for you. You can slay all day, all night, if you plan your looks in advance. If you are restricted by budget, use your high end brands as your guide and shop for affordable but classy substitutes. Here are some styles I am obsessed with.

Love this look on Serena Gomez in Instyle magazine

These floral booties are a must, available at Dillard’s

And these green Jimmy Choo are to live for

My favorite with pumps ever by Calvin Klein

Ok stay tune for more of my favorite looks for the upcoming season. Ladies I am about to slay this season and I want you to do the same.



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