The “stay at home” mom

I am always very uncomfortable when people use the word “stay at home mom” to describe mothers who do not have corporate jobs or run their own businesses. I am of the view that any mother who is of sound mind, living and taking care of her children is a “stay at home mom”. I have many girlfriends who lead corporations, businesses, work from home, stay at home etc and they still have to take care of their children.

This idea that a mom has less or more responsibility if she is at home or if she goes to an office, is absurd to me. I have a girlfriend who leads a major corporation and every time she and I have a discussion about our children, we both face the same issues. Our roles as moms are very much the same, regardless of where we execute from. We have to ensure that the kids maintain proper hygiene, schedule their medical appointments; replace all the clothing they outgrow every two months; remember to grab a present or two for the next birthday party they are attending; take them to the doctor to ensure their shots are up to date or their eyes are tested; make sure they take their medications and vitamins and the list goes on.

These days, we are discussing which college they will attend and where is the best place for them to get SAT classes. My point is, no mother is exempted from her “mom” duties because she has to go to the office. She is still a “stay at home mom”. So your question to me if you are a mother who is in the home full time might be, “So if all moms living with their kids are “stay at home moms”, who am I? You are a professional home maker, because while your children are at school you are also cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry . But wait, some of the women running corporations are also going to the grocery, doing laundry and cleaning their homes. Hmmm…

The point is, being a good mother is a difficult job if you want to do it well. Whether you are doing it from the home or while you report to an organization daily, does not determine how good you are as a mom. Some women are better at multitasking or sometimes have no choice and they have to be that “stay at home mom” that goes to the office. Others can’t multitask or can afford not to, so they choose to be professional home makers. Non is better than the other. We are all mothers trying to juggle and do what’s best for our children. We are all moms on the grind😎.

I speak to women everyday who struggle with the guilt of not being home enough or from being home too much and are unable to pursue their dreams. It’s all good, just do you because in the final analysis our kids are all going to grow up and live their own lives.

So I am sending a special shout out to all my “stay at home moms” out there. Remember to take a day off and grab a glass of wine with your girls, because no matter where you work from on a daily basis, this is the hardest, most ungrateful job you will ever do.

P.S. A special shout out to all the “stay at home dads”😘


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