Lakewood Church, shame on you!!!

I am broken hearted about the news that Lakewood Church in Houston has not opened its doors to provide shelter to flood victims. I am sad for many reasons. As a former member of this church where I paid my tithes on time (and they still send me mail asking for money), my husband and I fed the autism ministry volunteers without hesitation weekly, while I attended church there, and I witnessed hundreds of people from all walks of life volunteering their time to make Lakewood church the mega church it is today.

So I am minding my own business, perusing instagram and one of my Houstonian friends shared the story that is all over the internet that Lakewood Church has not opened their doors to help flood victims Houston. I cannot describe to you all, how this news cut me like a knife.The reputation of this church was built on the blood, sweat and tears of volunteers. I am writing this story and I hope I am mistaken. I take this matter personally. I no longer live in Houston, and as such I no longer attend Lakewood, but I have encouraged so many people to go to this church and give of their time. I gave my time and my money to Lakewood, and at a time when the city of Houston needs volunteers the most, the church that is successful on the backs of volunteers, has closed its doors.

Joel Osteen Ministry and Lakewood Church (because they are separate financial entities in case you were not aware) please do not ever send mail to my house asking for money. Further more, I have no idea how you guys got my new address because I did not give you when I moved. When you want money from people, you can find them, even when they leave your state, but when people need to find you, your doors are closed.

Shame on you. Houston is at its lowest, I saw pictures of senior citizens sitting in water in their wheel chairs at a home, families looking for shelter with no where to go and your doors closed. You brag of having the largest church in America and you can’t help God’s people?

How do I convince people who are searching and questioning Christianity that they must come to Lakewood when the doors are closed in a time of need, while you are safe, warm and dry in your mansion? Some of these people attend your church for God’s sake.

Well for those of us whose eyes were closed (like your doors) it is now opened. I want to give a huge shout out to the owners of Gallery Furniture Houston for opening their business to assist the people of Houston. That is what people who know God and love Him do. Everybody go buy your furniture from these good folks at Gallery furniture.

So I guess this lack of leadership and compassion on the part of Lakewood Church and Joel Osteen’s Ministry, has put an end to my affection and loyalty for Lakewood. I will spend my time on a Sunday, when I visit Houston , shopping at Gallery furniture after I say my prayers at home. In the meantime stop writing me and asking me for my “d👀n ” money. My wallet is closed.

P.S I will change my mind if you donate 1 million dollars or more to the flood victims because you can afford it😡

#stay woke👀

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  1. I respect you for so much for speaking out, that behave from Lakewood church is not of God. Everyone, please have compassion.

  2. Correction: I respect you so much for speaking out, that behaviour from Lakewood church is not of God, everyone, please have compassion.

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