Get your sexy back!

For as long as I have known myself, I knew that there was something special about me that I liked. I am not talking about my features. Before I knew I had a “butt” that women will pay for or some thick lips that Kylie Jenner would die for, I knew I had something going on that I could not put into words. Somewhere in my mid twenties I discovered what it was. It was my sexy😜.

What is my sexy? It’s the way I feel about myself. The way I walk into a room. I don’t need validation from anyone. I am feeling myself. It truly has nothing to do with this term called natural beauty or if I am a size zero. It is linked to my confidence and self-esteem. It is a silent message that people see when they meet you and say to themselves, “I like that girl, I want to be her friend.”

I know many beautiful women of all races and sizes, who are struggling to find love because they can’t find their sexy. I don’t care how beautiful you are as a woman, if you don’t project your sexy, that man ain’t yours. A sexy woman is a kind woman whose smile says, “You are at home”. She is smart, ambitious but not intense. She takes pride in her appearance but does not rely on it to get ahead. She projects positivity and honesty every day of her life. She is not deceptive, she is genuine.

So many women are struggling with their sexy because we live in a world that now defines beauty on social media. Anybody can buy a butt and some breast these days. I hear the ads from the plastic surgeons all the time, ” Buy one get the other one half price😂😂😂.” So my point is everyone can achieve the right body part or a brand new nose if they want to. So what is that thing that is going to make you stand out in the crowd when we all have the same butt, nose, lips and breast? Your sexy. And it comes from within. Ladies that man will see it in your eyes, your smile and your walk. In some cases he will even see in the way you dress.

I must admit, sometimes life gets in the way. You have a baby or you get caught up with taking care of your kids and the man and you lose your sexy. I know you can all relate. So if you are struggling to find your sexy or you just want to find it back, the first thing you do is address your spiritual path and reconnect with you. Develop an exercise routine that suits your needs. Go through your wardrobe and shake things up. Nothing brings out your sexy like a new wardrobe. Then call up your squad. Are you hanging with the rights girls who will encourage you to become your best. Are your friends oozing “sexy” . Are they interested in getting together for lunch or drinks? Remember you hang with who you are.

Life is a journey that comprises of several phases. So many people are afraid to get “old”. Your age does not make you old. It is suppose to make you wise. What makes you old is your attitude. You stopped having fun and truly living; so you stopped feeling sexy. Well that problem is easy to solve. Go get your sexy back! And if you need some help just holla at your girl. Sexy is my middle name😂😂😂.


Basia (a.k.a Slayer)

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