It’s about to go down!

In the words of the man of the hour, Kevin Hart, “Its about to go down.” Apparently the woman at the center of the sex scandal is coming forward today to set the record straight 😮. She has hired high powered attorney, Lisa Bloom. If you are the only person who does not know who Lisa Bloom is, let me bring you up to speed so you can appreciate how Kevin Hart is having the worst day of his life. Lisa Bloom represented Blac Chyna in her revenge porn case against Rob Kardashian. She is a champion at women’s legal rights. She makes these cases into a media party. So once you hire her there is going to be a press conference.

To be honest things can get a trillion times worst, if Kevin’s current wife decides to hire Lisa Bloom as well😎. I don’t know about you but my popcorn is in the microwave right now as I write this article because I need to take a front row seat at this press conference to witness this mess. Kevin is probably thinking at this point that it was better to pay the 10 million in “hush money”. I know that Kevin Hart is the “rock star” of comedy but Lisa Bloom is no joke! Write that cheque Kevin.. Or by the way, if Kevin writes that cheque, then he is going to be in trouble with his ex Torrei who did not get 10 million for being married to him for all those years, when he was poor. But an alleged stripper/model spent one weekend with him and she wants 10 million. If I were Torrei Hart I would have Lisa Bloom’s number on speed dial. I told you guys several weeks ago that strippers are winning. I live in Atlanta, the capital of the best strip joints. I may have to look at my options because wives losing and strippers winning all the way to the bank😜.

On a serious note, to all the happily married men out there. These mistresses are not playing. We live in different times. The cameras are always on. What is done in the dark will always come to light. These mistresses want money or blood. They not interested in washing your clothes or cooking for you. They want you to stay with your wives but they want to spend your money. They not looking for love, that comes with too much responsibility. They are looking for money. Husbands be warned these mistresses are taping you.

Anyways, stay tuned for part 3. My popcorn is ready and I need to take my front row seat because it is about to go down!😁😁😁.

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