What is natural beauty?

We are all born with something that is beautiful about us. It may not be our facial features but it maybe nice legs, hair or nails. I am one of those women who celebrate the advancements made in modern medicine when it comes to improving or fixing the things we don’t like about ourselves. Sometimes, some people take it to the extreme but I am not a “settler” if I don’t like something or a situation, I fix it.

I am one of those “black chicks” who choose to wear my hair in natural coils and not permed. However, I don’t consider myself a true “naturalista”. In fact, I don’t consider anyone to be a true naturalist. So many of us wear our hair natural but we color it; wear extensions;we wear makeup. Some of us, like me, wear contact lens because we refuse to wear glasses. So we can’t wear the crown of natural beauty when we are partaking in other enhancements. #realtalk

I feel that women particularly are hard on other women when they resort to cosmetic procedures to make themselves look more beautiful. I don’t know anyone who has not done something to improve their looks. Even if it is as simple as wearing makeup and nice clothes. If God did not want us to get help, he would not have given man the wisdom to provide medical solutions for pain, bad teeth, fractured bones, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries and procedures.

I believe that all men/women are created equal but not all of us got the same features and physical attributes. People need to be more open minded about getting the right medical care to achieve their idea of beautiful. Don’t be intimidated by not being a “natural beauty”. Be comfortable with finding the right solutions to make you feel beautiful.

There are so many people walking around looking naturally beautiful but they got so much help, it’s unbelievable. Not every woman will tell you what she did to improve her looks because women don’t encourage each other enough when it comes to “slaying”. Everyone of us can be beautiful and everyone of us can slay.

You no longer have to feel bad because you were not born with a certain feature or because you are not a certain size. The only thing holding you back from your “dream self” is you and your check book. I am amazed at how the Kardashians revolutionized traditional black features and now plastic surgeons are making tons of money giving clients thicker lips and “butts”. Meanwhile, some of us are born with these features and nobody told us that we were beautiful. Kylie Jenner just created a billion dollar empire from injecting her lips to make them thick and then created a lip kit empire “for other girls to achieve the same lips ” 👄😎.

As Bruno Mars says “Don’t be mad, fix your face.”😜 I ain’t mad at no woman who is trying to become her “best self” inside and out. Ladies do what you have to do, to be on your “A” game. The competition in “these streets” is stiff. Go buy your sexy if you have to, it just might get you the career or business of your dreams.

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