Ladies get you a Prince Harry

Ladies get you a Prince Harry! I love this man. He is the first royal to stand up to his people and proudly show case his black woman👌. Yes Harry!!! Harry was seen at the Invictus Games with his lady love, actress Meghan Markle. They make such an attractive couple. Most of all they seem happy. Diana’s boys are very much their mother’s children. Prince William married what the royals call a “Commoner” (Kate) and now Harry is totally smitten by an American actress, who happens to be a woman of color and a divorcée.

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truth is, love is love. We should all be free to love whoever we want. We can’t help who we love. With the racial divide taking place in America right now, this warms my heart. Prince Harry and Meghan are the best example of love that has no boundaries. They are getting it right. Meghan herself is a product of an interracial relationship . I am sure that Meghan’s mother was not aware that she was raising a daughter who will someday be in a public relationship with a royal. I guess Prince Harry found out that “when you go black you don’t go back.” Just kidding.

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any people are saying that the world is not changing when it comes to racism. But guess what, the younger generation don’t care about the racial divide. Millennials don’t care about this racial mess. I predict that in the next 30 years everyone will be of mixed race. Ask the Kardashians. Their next generation of children are already of mixed race. Nobody cares. So “nuff respect” to Prince Harry and all the people out there in interracial relationships who are in favor of racial blending. Love has no color. It has no class. It is selfless.

From the looks of things though, their appearance together at the Invictus Games was very much Meghan’s first royal duty. I am expecting an engagement announcement soon. This is their first official event as a couple, so clearly Her Majesty, the queen, has given her blessings or Prince Harry is very much his mother’s son. He don’t care!!! Princess Diana would be proud. She was a remarkable human being and humanitarian. She would have been very accepting of Harry dating Meghan.

At the end of the day, love is love. So for all of you single girls of color who think that your happiness rest only with a man of color; think again. Meghan Markle and Serena Williams are proving you wrong. These “white brothers” are treating these sisters like royalty and I love it. I ain’t mad😜.

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