Kofi Siriboe is “Kofine”

I must admit I had to get permission before I wrote this article because what I am about to write about “Kofine” might sound as though I am lusting😜. Ladies have you seen Kofi Siriboe aka “Kofine”. He is one of the stars from Queen Sugar and also played Jada Pinkett-Smith’s love interest in hit movie, “Girls Trip” . He is fine like Godiva Chocolate.

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Apart from being very fine, single and available, he is ambitious and conscious. I saw his interview on The Wendy Williams Show today ( yes I watched “Hot Topics” again today to see if she would talk about the double life😎 and I wanted to see her interview with Kofine😁).

I am so impressed with Kofi. My husband and I are huge fans of Queen Sugar and their cast. He also mentioned that he invested most of his money from Season 1 of Queen Sugar on an independent film. An ambitious brother. I am very impressed.

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As a mother of two young boys of color, it warms my heart to see our men winning. Kofi’s mom/parents did a great job. By the way ladies he is available and he wants kids in the next 5 years. If I were you, (as my heart is currently tied up with a fine Jamaican man😜), I would spend some time walking around New Orleans trying to bump into Kofine😁. He is worth a try. Even though the word on the streets is , Issa Rae has her eyes on him and vice versa. I ain’t mad, the brother is fiiiiiiiiiine!

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Kofi Siriboe is an amazing and talented actor. He is the new Denzel Washington, mark my words! I will even give him points above Idris Elba on the charts. Both for acting and for looks. Yes I said it👀! Mark my words. Kofi keep doing your thing my brother. We see you. You are fine and humble, and that gets you noticed

Photo credit: InStyle

Anyways let me get back to work before I get myself in trouble. Go book your take a trip to New Orleans ladies.

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