Ladies stop the hating!

I am so tired of being judged by other women. I am also tired of women judging each other and tearing each other down. The funny thing is a woman does not have to do much to be judged by other women. If she is beautiful or “physically gifted” as I call it, (because all women are beautiful) she just has to walk into a room and she is judged for wearing a nice pair of shoes or name brand handbag or for having a wonderful husband or a real “butt” and the list goes on.

Over the years, some of my most painful lessons came from women. Women who did not like something or the other about my physical attributes or my life. Women are some of the most envious human beings on the planet! It takes very little for a woman to envy another woman. It is sad but true. Don’t get me wrong, not all women are like this. I have a few beautiful girlfriends who are not afraid of my shine and I am not intimidated by theirs. In fact, all my girlfriends are beautiful women inside out. I prefer to only surround myself with ambitious beautiful women with positive attitudes and great hearts. At the end of the day, you hang with who you are.

I write this article because I very aware that every woman is not going to like me. And that is ok because when I open my pantry I don’t see them. I am going to keep being the positive soul that I am. I will continue to encourage every female I encounter to “slay” and become their best self. I am ok with doing this because the Universe is full of abundance. There is always going to be a woman nicer or more brilliant than I am or you are. That is perfectly ok with me because I love my vibe. If you are spending your time envying every woman who threatens your shine, then you are not living. You are too busy trying to dim their shine so you have no time to work on your own.

Ladies, do yourself a favor and work on your issues. The next time a beautiful woman walks into a room, instead of watching her up and down and getting mad, just bless her with a positive compliment. Trust me, it will not take anything away from you. When you spend your time hating on other women, you are not shining. I can always tell when a woman has a good heart and she means well. That is usually a confident woman who can look you in the eye with a genuine smile and give you are real compliment. Some women have difficulty giving compliments because growing up they did not receive any. So bless their hearts, it is hard for them.

Most women are capable of developing this mind set but most of them were raised to judge and envy other women. It’s like a right of passage. Recognizing and acknowledging beauty and greatness in another woman will not stop these attributes from coming through you. However, If you send out negatives vibes, it comes back to you ten folds.

The bottom line ladies is, we can all be great and we can all shine. You can be a fashionista and I can be a slayer 😜. Nobody is preventing you from getting your groove on. Don’t be mad because I choose to be a strong, smart, confident woman. You can be one too. I have never seen a sign saying “Basia alone needs to be beautiful, smart, fashionable, charismatic (and the list goes on😁). The reason some women are threatened at a glance by another woman’s shine is due to the fact that there is something about themselves they don’t like. Well go work on your issues and leave us confident, smart, beautiful women alone.👀.


I have discovered that real beauty has less to do with physical attributes, but more to do with a woman feeling secure about herself, and stepping out fashionably dressed, with a genuine smile. Most of the women reading this blog will not admit that they have this problem but the next time you see your friend or relative post a beautiful picture or you see them in person slaying, ask yourself why you can’t offer a compliment . That’s right because you are one of those women who got the “hater” DNA. You want all the shine on you. Well good luck with that. In the meantime when you see me slaying whether it is online on in person, fix your face. If you chose to give a genuine smile from a genuine heart then maybe you will slay too.



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