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Hi everyone

I am asking all my faithful followers to share this video and ask their friends to follow my blog, My mission is to spread positive vibes and encourage women to become their best self. Everyday is a good day once you are alive. We can all make this world a better place. I use my writing to connect with the world and in a very odd way to help people find healing.

My blog is always positive, sometimes humorous and entertaining, but always inspirational. I am a “straight shooter” when it comes to telling the truth. You will even get some food ideas from time to time. I love the connection I have developed with my followers. Help me to make this blog more impactful by sharing it with your family and friends to follow me on

Thank you in advance for you support and kind gesture. Now let me get back to my domestic life, as I am now leaving the grocery store and I have to go make dinner for the hubby and the “kiddos”. #Lifeofaslayer😀



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