The Basia diet

So, I have been on a new eating system for a few months. I call it “the Basia diet”. I have achieved significant results. The goal is to lose inches and sculpt my body with healthy tasty food and exercise. It is not a quick fix diet. I hate those. It is not a restricted menu and I have been achieving my goals by eating right and with regular exercises.

Can’t wait to share some menu ideas with you on the new season of Basiastylecooking. The key word is “Cauliflower”, my new best friend 😁.

Check out tonight’s dinner:

Cauliflower risotto with mushroom and asparagus

Sautéed Asparagus

Grilled Corn (the corn is my splurge 😍)

Curried Shrimp

This meal took me 30 mins to prepare and cook and it was yummy 😋

Basia aka “Slayer”

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