The Basia diet

I don’t believe in crash diets. It’s all about eating right. Any honest gym instructor will tell you that 80 percent of the results you achieve in weight loss or weight management, is eating right consistently. I have seen people leave my gym and stop by the nearest fast food restaurant on their way home. Needless to say they immediately replace the calories after burning them at the gym.

Weight management and weight loss is not a sprint; it is a marathon. It requires a balance diet, regular exercise (lots of cardio), lots of water and restricting what you eat at nights. I would also suggest eating earlier dinners . That really worked for me. If you are like me and you like to stay up watching television late, you may get hungry. When that happens I usually have a cup of ginger tea, some nuts or a small

bowl of almond milk with whole grain cereal.

This is what my dinner looked like tonight:

Grilled chicken

Spinach and Arugula leaves

Cauliflower Rice with Asparagus (served warm)

Glazed Beets with red onions

Diced Green Apples

Cherry Tomatoes

Ginger Sesame Vinaigrette

This meal was yummy. I did not feel deprived in any way. My goal daily is to restrict my calorie intake to 1500 calories daily. I achieved major results with this approach. I consume a , healthy diet daily, with lots of lean meats and vegetables. My food is still cooked with my favorite spices. It is medically proven that spices like ginger, garlic, cumin, turmeric, curry, cayenne, paprika, rosemary and others are good for our bodies. They prevent infections, and lowers the risk of lifestyle diseases.

I am not on a diet. I hate diets. I am simply watching what I eat. In the process I have have developed what I now call the “Basia diet”. It is calorie friendly, tasty, and fun. I will continue to share food ideas to assist you in living your best life.


Basia aka Slayer😜

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