Gucci Mane takes a bride

If you missed the Hip Hop wedding of the year, (televised on BET) you missed a lot. Gucci Mane takes a bride, and it is none other than our Caribbean girl, Jamaican born, Keyshia Ka’oir. This all went down in Miami on October 17th. A list stars like Puff Daddy, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Monica, and others. Boy, was it an extravagant affair! Keyshia said she wanted diamonds on the floor and from where I was sitting (in front of the TV), it looks like she was walking on diamonds.

Keyshia Ka’oir walking down the aisle

I don’t normally follow “the hype”, but I was particularly attracted to their love story. One that defines unconditional love and gives real meaning to “Till death do us part”. Despite all the extravagance displayed at their wedding, these two have the real thing. Gucci got himself a “good” Caribbean woman. She is a “ride or die” chic. This is a great lesson for all the ladies out there wondering what a man wants in a wife. Keyshia stood by Gucci when he went to jail, or as Americans call it, “when he was in the lockup”. She had his back all the way. Instead of taking from him and running away during a very difficult time, she stayed and made sure he became better for it. What Keyshia did was live out her vows even before she got the ring. In other words, she proved she is “wife material”. It is no wonder he showers her with lavish all those lavish gifts. She deserves it.

The Blue Rolls Royce Gucci bought his bride as a wedding present.

For those of you who do not know Keyshia Ka’oir; she is a mogul on her own strength. She owns her a fitness and makeup business . That’s right, she is not a “gold digger”, she is a “boss lady”. Keyshia Ka’oir, “slayed” the diamond carpet in her beautiful wedding gown. She promised all diamonds and she did not disappoint. Her bouquet was also made of diamonds.

Despite all the opulence, this marriage and love seems real. I love a good love story and I will definitely be following their journey on their new series, “Mane Event” on BET, Tuesday at 10 pm est.

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