10 Rules When Gift Shopping!

With the upcoming Christmas and holiday season approaching, many of us are charged with the responsibility of purchasing gifts for family members,friends, and colleagues.This is a huge responsibility, especially if you want to get it right and not be in debt after the holiday is over. Personally, it gives me anxiety. I usually start in the summer when the sales are on.

I love to shop, but I only shop when I have money to spend. I do not enjoy being broke. So while I love bringing joy to my family and friends by purchasing fabulous presents, I do so with specific rules. Here are my rules:

Rule 1-Create a budget for everyone’s present

Do not try to over spend to please anyone. It’s not the cost of the present that counts. You can find nice fun gifts on any budget. Every girl could use a cocktail ring regardless of the price and any guy can use a scarf of a tie.

Rule 2-Do not ask them what they want

Do not ask everyone what they want, they will throw you off your budget. They should be grateful that you took time to remember them. If you do not know what they want, it means you do not know them well enough to buy them a present. If you know them, but it’s difficult to buy gifts for them,(I know those people) then give them a gift card or gift voucher).

Rule 3 –Start shopping early

There are a lot of holiday sales before Christmas. This way if you budget monthly. You can avoid over spending during the Christmas holiday and you can catch even better sales prior to Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Rule 4 –Start shopping the talk show deals!

Start shopping for deals on the popular talk shows like The Wendy Williams Show, Good Morning America and others. They offer amazing deals on many products that are perfect for gifts. Many of these deals are sold via MorningSave and Rue Lala. The savings are unbelievable. Trust me😜. You pay a fraction of what you will pay elsewhere. The deals are amazing.

Rule 5-Shop for your presents online

Get some of the best deals online. You do not have to purchase your product right away. Select the product of your choice and leave it in your cart for a few days and the price will drop further. #savings💰Give yourself some time when shopping online so you do not have to purchase items right away.

Rule 6-Do not be tricked by “Black Friday” deals I remember those days, when I did not know better and I would wake up early, like 4 am,to head to the stores for the “highly marked up sales “. Don’t be fooled. I have actually gotten better deals on Cyber Monday😎. I am black so every Friday is “Black Friday for me…I am just saying.

Rule 7- Get your discount coupons

You will be amazed by the websites that can give you discount coupons that will save you money. The ones that come to mind are, Favado, Checkout51, Retailmenot. I don’t know about you, but I do not like paying full price for something I can get 50% off on. The rule is that you do not spend what you don’t have to.

Rule 8- Buy all presents on sale.

You can buy all your presents on sale. In fact, if you check your email right now, you will find websites like Gap, Bath and Body Works and others where you have bought from previously, offering you discount coupons. It’s right there in your inbox! (75% off if you spend more the $50) So many people shop online before checking their inboxes for coupons. Saves you a lot of money.

Rule 9- Make a list before you go shopping

I never go shopping without my list. Not even to the grocery store. You end up buying what you don’t need. Write a gift idea next to everyone’s name or the actual amount you will like to spend. For example, write $30 next to Jane’s name. If you find a really nice present for each person for less, by all means go ahead and buy it😂.

Rule 10 -Stick to YOUR BUDGET and price match!

Do not get emotional when you go shopping and forget the budget😡. It is also smart to price match. An item may be a lot cheaper on another website of in a another store. Do your research. Don’t buy it unless you can afford it; no matter how nice it looks. Even though you want to bring joy to your loved ones, you don’t want to bring sadness to your bank account, when the season is over. Be wise and stick to your budget. Christmas comes every year. Don’t let it leave you broke. You have to be wise and count those coins.

Enjoy shopping and sticking to your budget.


Basia aka ”Slayer”

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