Weight loss after 40

By Basia A Powell

Many women and men have shared their struggles with weight loss and fitness after the age of 40. Some people are even struggling with these issues prior to turning 40. After I turned 40, I did not pay attention to weight management (as I never had a problem prior). I continued to eat healthy meals,(so I thought) and life was never the same.


Let me build the scenario. After I turned 40, I started to exercise harder because my girlfriends warned me that weight gain would become an issue. (I did not take them on) I also had the additional challenge of being on a Breast cancer drug, called, Tamoxifen for a number of years. As much as I am grateful that Tamoxifen helps women like me fight breast cancer, I am not grateful for the weight gain side effect. It was during this time that I discovered that exercise alone is not enough to address weight gain. I have never been someone to focus on weighing myself or being obsessed with a scale. However, I always paid attention to my inches. Inches don’t lie. When your clothes start fitting you different , it’s about to go down😡. My break through came when I started eating healthier. #Nojoke.

I am writing this article with the hope of helping many people who are frustrated with their weight or their appearance. If you are not willing to admit that you are not pleased with the way you look, please think about your health. They are all directly related. Successful weight management results in a reduction of high blood pressure, excellent cardiovascular health, reduction or elimination of diabetes and other lifestyle disease and a more attractive and younger you.

Many people are unable to counteract the physical challenges that come with aging as they believe that they have to maintain a rigorous exercise regime. My response to this is #Fakenews 😜. I maintain a regular exercise routine and I see many people at my gym that workout much harder than I do and they have been looking the same way to me as the first day I met them. The reason for this is due to the misconception that exercise alone will help you to lose weight. After they leave the gym, they go home or stop by the nearest fast food restaurant and eat what they want. Exercise will help you tone and also depending on the type of exercise you do on a consistent basis you will also build muscles. But the real success comes from, “watching your fork.” The older you get. The easier it becomes to gain weight and the harder it is to lose it. If it took you 5 years to put on 100 pounds, then don’t expect it to take you 3 months to lose it.

I am here to testify that a healthy diet with regular exercise is the key to maintaining a slimmer figure and a healthy life style. By the way, a healthy diet does not mean a “crash diet”. It does not mean dropping all carbs. It involves making sure that you incorporate all the key vitamins like, B,C,D etc, in your diet and counting your daily calorie intake. It involves reducing portions and eating smaller, more frequent meals. If you cannot reduce your portions, get rid of all the large plates in your kitchen. Replace them with smaller plates. Honestly, your plate does not have to be as full as you think.


So many people will tell you that they are doing everything but they cannot lose the weight or get fit. You cannot be doing “everything” and not get the results. It defies the theory , “If you keep doing what you doing, you will keep getting what you getting.” Consider doing something different. If you think you are eating healthy and you are not achieving the desired results ,then eat healthier. FYI , starving yourself is not a healthy diet! To get on the path of weight management after 40, then you have to become best friends with water, cardio and a healthier diet and you have to become acquaintances with eating before 8 p.m.

I look forward to your feedback on my blog regarding your struggle with weight loss after 40. If I can do it, so can you. Don’t give up, it is possible

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