The “Side-Chic”

I realize that a lot of men are confused about the fact that not every woman is trying to be their wife. There are three types of women. The first kind we call her, “Wife Material”. There is no doubt in her man’s mind that “he has to put a ring on it.” The second type of woman is known as, “Desperate Nancy”. She is the easiest to fool. Her main mission is to get “that ring”. Then there is the third type of woman, she is not trying to be anybody’s wife. She is known as the “Flayer” (female player) aka, the “Side-Chic.” Jamaicans call her “Matey”.

“Side-Chics” or “Matey” love the fact that you are married or reside with your “Missus”. Her primary goal is to have all her needs met without having to wash, cook, iron or clean for a man. She will show you a great time once you are financially generous, you can take care of “the business” and you return home to your wife. She can actually have more than one of you at the same time, so do not fall in love and leave your wife for her, because she does not want to be your wife. She enjoys the “thrill of the cheat”. The relationship remains exciting once you stay married.

The “Side-Chic” is fiercely independent and she enjoys her own space and “Flayer” lifestyle . She does not have the emotional capacity to share her space with a man. So she is very happy “borrowing” someone else’s. In some cases, a “Side-Chic” is a woman who was badly hurt by a man or ex-husband. This type of woman is quite content being the “woman on the side”. She knows her place in the hierarchy and she is fine with it. She will not pressure you for more, once her physical and financial needs are met. She accepts a scheduled relationship because she is also scheduling you😜.

How to detect a “Flayer”? She makes no demands on your time. She knows that socially, you are not an item. She is excited about you but she does not love you like that. She is not going to be by your side when you are ill. That role is for your wife. The Flayer is in it for the good times. She has no interest in calling your wife and letting her know where you are. She enjoys the affair. When a “Flayer” calls your wife, she is in love. Flayers simply want their rent or car note paid. A few luxury gifts, like designer handbags and jewelry are welcomed. She requires you to go home to your wife. No sleep overs allowed.

Side-Chics are in it for the sex. According to them, the best kind of sex is “cheating sex”. It’s not easy to care for a man, and be a wife. That is a lot of responsibility. That is a job for “Wife Material”. Flayers want to spend time with the man, but not do the work. She sees the relationship for what it is. She knows her role and she plays it well. I have no problem with that type of woman. My problem is with the men who do not understand that there are different types of women and they try to “wife” the “Flayer”, #Mistake. “Matey cannot be your wife.” The reason is clear, “Wife Material” stays with you in good times and bad. She stands in the name of love, in sickness and in health. A “Flayer” will never mess with your “broke axx” . She needs her bills paid on time and she is out for a good time only. She is not into hard times.

The truth is, all women are not the same. I know women who can outplay any man in these streets. So the next time you consider making your “Side-Chic” your wife, please figure out if she is a “Flayer”. If you are looking for a good time, she is your girl, but she might just be very happy with her role on the side.

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  1. I think your right to the reason there is Players and Flayers. Majority were hurt badly by someone they loved therefore they don’t want to love again and want to fill that void with sex. A lot want to hurt other married people as they were hurt probably they got cheated on. Great post.

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