The Cosby Effect

It seems like Hollywood is experiencing a cleansing. I sit here and I ask myself, “Who is next?” It is a liberating time for women and the abused. Attention all men, keep your penis in your pants,unless we ask you to take it out! Sexual abusers are dropping like flies. I applaud the organizations that are taking steps to take down these “sexual predators”. I am disgusted but pleased. The day has arrived when men are officially scared to abuse women in the work place.

Now every male “Sicko” is officially quaking in their boots. The issue I have though is the double standard we have for sexual harassment. How can we forget the interview with Billy Bush and the now President of the United States, when we witnessed the current President boasting to Billy Busy on an open mic, about how he grabs ladies by “their private parts, because they let you do it when you are famous”? And women still voted for him. I applaud the brave men and women out there who are taking a stand against “powerful predators” but we need to cleanse from the top. #Realtalk

Women have been abused for a longtime. They have been abused in their homes long before they have been abused in their organizations. This cleansing started with Bill Cosby and many persons of color took offense to the destruction of the “Cosby legacy”. Little did we know, this would start a new wave which I now call “The Cosby Effect”.

Powerful men of every color, who have been making unwanted advances on women for decades, are now being held accountable for their actions. So it seems like Cosby also pioneered another movement and as the saying goes, “Out of evil cometh good.” Everything is not about color. It is about right or wrong. Many people behaved like Bill Cosby was the only serial sexual abuser in Hollywood, but now it is all coming to light. For decades people in Hollywood knew that Harvey Weinstein was a sexual predator and said nothing. Well these men are falling one by one. Most recent of them all is Matt Lauer, from The Today Show. My concern is however, they are not being charged. They are simply being fired and checking into rehab..Hmmn.

For too long the idea of sexual harassment was dismissed or monetized to silence the woman or the abused (it does not have to be women alone, actor Teri Cruz had his parts grabbed recently).Those days are gone. Too many of us get caught up in celebrity and not character. I encourage every woman around the world to speak up now. Let me be clear, I am not inviting you to fabricate stories for financial gains. This issue is too serious to be misused. There are some victories that money cannot buy. Do not sabotage the advancements we have made as women and abusers by making up stories on innocent men.

It is a great feeling to see how far we have come. It just goes to show, you can do as much as you want, but not for as long as you want. “The longest rope has an end.” I know by the time I wrap this article another one will bite the dust, but it is all good. Karma is a “bixx”👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾.

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