My New Year Resolution

As we approach a new year, many people have already created their New Year resolutions. It is quite common for them to include goals like weight loss, finding a husband or wife, earning more money, and lots more. Year after year we identify the same goals and we don’t achieve them. This year I am going to do things differently. My only resolution for 2018, is to be grateful. So many of us struggle with gratitude and it is the key to success.

Gratitude is the most powerful gift you can give yourself. Many people are waiting to receive something before they are grateful. Little do they know that gratitude precedes blessings. If you do not have money to pay your bills, be grateful that you have bills to pay and the money shows up. If you are always complaining about these “dam_ children”, be grateful that you have children to complain about because some couples are struggling with fertility.

In 2018, turn on your gratitude channel. Stop complaining all the time about what you don’t have and start thanking your God for what He has provided for you. If you are constantly living with thoughts of lack, your thoughts would feed your life. I tell people all the time, “I am a rich bixx”. My life is full with everything I want.” Period!!!

You may say to me “Basia you are so lucky”, nope, I am blessed, and I live in gratitude everyday of my life. So many people are struggling in this world. They have no food, shelter, clothes etc. Why should I complain if I have all those things? So what if my savings run low every now and then? I am super excited that I am able to meet all my needs. The best way to create riches is with your mind. Think in gratitude and you get more. Think in lack, you get less. Money is a commodity. Before there was money, there was barter, (exchange of goods and services without the exchange of money). A life of gratitude can draw a lot of barter situations to you. You can stay at the best hotels, wear the best clothes, meet all the right people who will open doors for you, without exchanging money, but simply because you are living in gratitude.

As we approach a brand new year, do yourself a favor and put gratitude at the top of your resolutions. Leave worry and complaining behind. Approach your weight loss and financial obstacles with gratitude. Be grateful that this is the year you are going to meet the “love of your life”. Send out thanks and praises that you are alive this long to get broke and fat. Most of all acknowledge that you are grateful to be alive so you can turn it all around.

Happy New Year my friends. I continue to be grateful for being able to breathe and walk. I will continue to live my best life with my fabulous husband, children and all of my loved ones. And of course, I am going to continue to slay all day and all night. #Waitforit #2018comethruCheers to the best year of my life🍾🥂. Happy New Year and Blessings to all From: Basia and Ricardo Powell

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