The Year Of Yes

There are some people who worry about money and success and then there are some people who just know that money and success will know their addresses at all times. Which one of those people would you like to be, “The Worrier” or “The Knower”? Well, if you want to get on the path to ultimate success, you must know that it is going to happen.

Let us be honest, “Rome was not built in a day”. Neither was it built in a night. Just because your goals are not achieved in your timing, does not mean that it is not going to happen. Sometimes we block our own blessings by being negative and giving in to the word “No”. This year, try eliminating the word “No” from your mindset by replacing it with “Yes”. What if “No” really means “Not Yet”, then we have no reason to give up.

This is the year of “Yeses” and “Yes man” 😀. Ain’t nobody got time for “No”. The only person who needs to stop saying “No” to you, is you. Start saying “Yes” to you and you would see how your life would change. It’s not enough to sit and wish for a change to be made in your life. Do something about it! If you are broke, start thinking rich. If you are overweight start thinking thoughts of health and fitness.

If you want this to be a great year, give “No” a rest. Say “Yes” to perfect health, happiness and “more money honey”. Anytime a negative thought enters your mind, remind yourself that Basia said “No does not exist”. This is the year of “Yes to you “. The winning number is #1. Many people accept “No” because they are too lazy to go behind “Yes”. If you are ready to get into the best shape of your life spiritually, financially, physically and emotionally, just say “Yes”.

Cheers to 365 days of saying “Yes” to you.

Slayer for life

Basia 💕

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