The Trump Effect

The Trump Effect

Don’t be alarmed by what I am about to say. I feel like President Trump is exactly what America needed. As such, I believe the “Trump Effect” is likely to make a positive impact that would serve us well for several decades. Don’t lose hope. Great things can come out of a bad situations. We learn more from our mistakes than our successes.

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The Trump Effect

I am very grateful to the people who felt that President Trump is what America needed. Because of President Trump, women have a greater voice and we are coming together to form a very powerful female alliance, #Timesup and #Metoo. He has laid the groundwork for a woman to have a successful run for the office of President . He is being accused of dividing the nation based on his divisive words and actions, along racial and religious lines. I actually feel like he is uniting our people because I have never seen people of all races, classes and ages unite to protest a presidency, as we have witnessed in the past year.

Black people and other people of color appreciated the film Black Panther in a way that they may not have if President Barack Obama was still in office or if Hilary Clinton were President. We are still trying to get tickets to see the film in a cinema near us. And our community is predominantly white. What can I say? That is the “Trump Effect”. So the producers and actors of the massively successful Marvel movie, Black Panther, need to send a thank you card to everybody’s favorite President 😎👌🏾. #Wakandaforever😂

Sometimes we don’t know what we have until we lose it. I remember in 2008-2009, when I was visiting Florida frequently for business and later for breast cancer treatment, the state was like a flee market littered with foreclosure and short-sale signs on every corner. People were walking into the banks and giving back their keys. Then President Obama’s administration came in and for some reason those signs disappeared. I am not suggesting for one minute that the Obama administration was perfect. We still had the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre and other horrific occurrences. But the President spoke out against gun violence and the administration was all about inclusion.

So what is the difference then and now? First let me say that I am an Independent. My analysis has nothing to do with party alliance or racial bias. I will not support any president or administration oppressing any particular race or group. I am for inclusion. All Presidents have a tough job and on some days, they have to make unpopular decisions. However, the difference is knowing when to put politics aside and do what is right. Everybody knows that what happened in Parkland FL must never happen again. Enough is enough. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, you must know that.

I write this not as a blogger along partisan lines, but as a parent begging our politicians to listen to the voice of youth. How many more must die before we stop hiding behind “The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution”? It appears to me that America’s guns are more important than their children. We may all have to Home school our children soon to protect them.

For all of those people protesting and complaining, please remember to vote. It is the single thing that can address the “Second Amendment”. And to those of you who became comfortable after President Obama was elected because you felt that America and the world was ready to change, well the emergence of a President like Donald Trump symbolizes that nothing has changed. The real change will come about as a result of the Trump Presidency. The high schoolers who are matching nationwide, do not care about bigotry and racism. And guess what? They will be voting next election. Unlike their grandparents, they don’t see color. They see what they want and they have an instant mentality. They want change now! They are taking notes as we speak and they are going to bring about the change we need. That change will be as a result of the “Trump Effect”.


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