5 Secrets Every Happy Couple Know

So many people are becoming cynical about love. Maybe they have experienced heart break or they lost the love of their life and they feel there is no hope in finding true love. We have been asking happy couples about their secrets to maintaining happiness in their relationships. Here are the 5 Secrets Every Happy Couple Know:

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5 Secrets Every Happy Couple Know

1. Spouse Comes First

Every couple said their spouse came first, before their children! (Some women had difficulty admitting it) The definition of the word couple is two individuals, a pair, duo. It is not three , four or five. So they recognize that they have to put each other first for the family unit to be cohesive. If the couple is not happy, the unit falls apart.

2. They Share The Same Values

They share the same values. They want the same things. They also share the same spirit beliefs or disbeliefs. They are on the same page about world views.

3. Communication Is Key

Communication is key for these couples. Particularly the women. Among the heterosexual couples, the men do not care for it, but recognized that it is important to allow their wives to express themselves on a frequent basis. They both prioritize each other’s needs above their own.

4. Vibrant Sex Lives

All these couples enjoyed intimacy and vibrant sex lives. Sex is a priority for all of them. They also pay great attention to maintaining an attractive physical appearance for their partners.

5. Balanced Work Lives

They worked flexible hours and one or both of them were self employed. Couples who control their work schedule, make more time for their relationships. They take frequent breaks to connect with each other.

Letter to my husband❤

I learnt a lot from interviewing these couples. Most of all, I recognize that respect, loyalty and unconditional love is the thread that holds their relationships together.



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  1. Interesting. But #1 I’m not too big on. Your spouse and children should be a priority. Depending on the severity level of need that’s how I balance it. But if my spouse thinks I suppose to attend to his needs first all the time regardless to my kids needs then we have a problem.

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