Do You!

Do You

We live in a world that is fast pace and instant. Everyone wants to live well and be successful. The problem is, not everyone is prepared to work hard to achieve success. Some people actually believe that the way to achieve their dreams is by imitating others or winning the lotto.To the contrary, the way to get there is by being yourself. Do you.

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Do You

I am a firm believer in the fact that originality and authenticity wins. I have never achieved my goals by imitating others. In fact, all of the people I know who have really achieve their dreams, decided at some stage in their lives that they could not go on anymore living a lie. Many of them quit their jobs, ended bad relationships or made difficult decisions in faith, that propelled them to their dreams.

For a dream to become a reality, you have to follow an authentic path. You cannot achieve your dream with someone else’s passion. A dream starts in your heart, not your mind. It most certainly creates the vision in your mind. If you decide to pursue an idea because it work out well for someone else, you may not get the same end result as they did. Your end result is attached to your passion and how much you put into your dream. Your heart must be in it.

<img src"blacksuit.jpg" atl="Doyou">
Do You

You can’t fool your dreams. The more you work at it, the better you get at it. Many of us fail because we are chasing other people’s dreams. No one ever achieved success by being a copycat. Originality and hard work is the key to success.

I took a decision when I turned forty to only do me. I don’t need approval from anyone to chase my dreams. I know for certain that I can’t get out of life alive, so I am not playing. (I am slaying😎) I am that girl who will only pursue dreams that belong to me. I can’t run like Usain Bolt, sing like Bruno Mars or play tennis like Serena Williams. (By the way Serena, welcome back!) What I am passionate about is writing, interviewing people and cooking. And I love it.

I am not sure where you are in your life right now, but I promise you that if you take a decision to do you, it would bring you complete and lasting happiness.


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