10 Things Women Should Know About Men

Are you single, married or recently divorced? Are you trying find or create the perfect man? Let me help you. There are some fundamental characteristics that all men share that every woman needs to be aware of. Here are the 10 Things that will get you the guy of your dreams:

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10 Things Women Should Know About Men

1. No Man Is Perfect

Unless his name is Jesus. I am very concerned when women tell me that their husbands are perfect. He might be perfect for you but no man walking on this earth is without a flaw. It might be a flaw that you are willing to accept and that’s ok.

2. All Men Lie!

Yes, I said it. It might be a big lie or a small lie, but it is a lie. If he lied to his mother, he can lie to you. If he tells you he did not notice the beautiful woman who walked into the room, he is lying. Won’t you notice if a handsome man walks into a room. So do yourself a favor and don’t ask him if he thinks “she” is pretty, because if your man thinks you can’t handle the truth about anything, he is going to lie to you about everything.

3. All Men Want A Prize

They all want to feel like their woman is a prize. Nothing good comes easy. Let him work for your love. “Easy come, easy go.” Know your worth ladies. For those of you who are married for a number of years and you feel that your man loves you just the way you are, then go back and read No.2😎. Remember high school ladies, when every boy wanted the nicest girl in the class? As a matter of fact, she was a triple threat if she also happened to be the smartest. Men love beauty and brains.

4. He Takes Care Of His Woman

Every man who loves his woman, wants to take care of her. This chivalry resides in every man. If your man is not taking care of you, well it might be that he is taking care of someone else. I am not referring to buying you flowers etc, because even good men forget to do that sometimes. If all his money is not coming home, (regardless of who earns more) then it is going somewhere else.

5. Let Him Know He Is Sexy

All men want to feel desired and pampered by their woman. If you don’t tell him he is sexy, then “she” will. A man loves to feel like he is the king of his home. Treat him like a king in every way and he will never lose his way home. Cook him a nice meal as frequently as you can and take care of “the business” and all is well in the kingdom. So many women want to find “a good man” but they don’t realize that it takes a lot to keep “a good man” happy😎.

6. Men Do Not Like To Talk

They are physical beings. They will talk to appease a woman, but they generally expect sex after the talk. The worst thing you can do to a man when you are alone, is to tell him that you want to talk, and after you are finished talking, you fall asleep. When you say talk, a man hears sex.

7. Men Have One True Love

Most men have the ability to truly love one woman in their lifetime. If she is gone or she breaks his heart, you don’t want to be the woman that comes next. When a man loves a woman, she is the one. Sometimes that woman comes along early in their lives or late. You cannot make a man love you. Either he loves you or he simply wants to have a physical relationship with you.

8. They Know “Wife Material”

It is easier for a man to have a child with you than to marry you. They don’t consider all women “wife material”. Your man generally knows if he will marry you within one month of dating you. He can also detect when a woman is desperate for “the ring”. When a man loves you, you don’t have to negotiate marriage. I know male friends who have been with women for a number of years without proposing, and the relationship ends and after six (6) months to one (1) year of dating someone new, he pops the question. She is the one. Mind you, there are some couples who are not married because the woman is not interested in marriage. (Like Oprah😎).

9. Men Don’t Like Being Attacked

Men hate confrontation and arguments. If you have a man that likes to argue frequently with you, that is a bit unusual. Remember they really don’t like to talk, so if they like to argue then there is an issue somewhere that is not being addressed. If you need to discuss something that is bothering you, choose your approach carefully. Don’t attack him, he goes deaf. Men prefer vulnerability over anger.


10. They Treat You As You Wish

Perhaps this is the most important thing every woman should know about a man. A man will treat you as you demand to be treated. In other words, if you accept whatever he is giving, that is what you will get. Don’t be afraid to call him out on his “shxx ”. If he truly loves you, he will do like Jesus and fix it.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a perfect man, the above guidelines would not help you. If you got the memo and you recognize that a perfect man does not exist here on earth, you can follow the above tips and you will find yourself a winner. Most of all, men love real women. You can be classy and authentic. Be yourself and the right man for you will appreciate you for who you are.




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