Sexy Is An Attitude

Sexy Is An Attitude

I am trying to remember at what age I started feeling “sexy”. No one truly defined the meaning of sexy for me. I would hear the adults around me referring to the fact that someone was dressed too sexy or was not sexy enough, but they did not say what it meant. So in my own little mind, I thought sexy was a dress code. I even thought that it was bad. I would later learn that sexy is an attitude.

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Sexy Is An Attitude

As I grew older, and I traveled to different countries, I met all types of people. They were all different. They were from different races. Some were size zero, others were size 20. Despite these differences, I would form incredible bonds with some and others I left behind. I came to understand that the reason I admired some people more than others, was due the fact that I fell in love with their attitude, their “swagg”.

I always smile when I hear some women stress about being a certain size, because they want to look sexy. I have learnt that sexy has nothing to do with what you weigh. I know some heavy set women who are “slayers”. Their sexy is 💯, all day long. Similarly, I know some “skinny” girls whose sexy is a perfect 2.

My point is, many people feel that sexy has to do with a particular size or wearing revealing attire. That is not always the case. Sometimes that representation of sexy can be inappropriate. Sexy is not about how much you show, it’s about what you show.

I learnt over the years that sexy is an attractive attitude that you package for the world, that is accentuated by the way you walk into a room. It is about how confident you are. All of this is packaged by the way you dress. It’s that light that draws people to you and what they remember you by. If you just so happen to have natural good looks with “your sexy”, more power to you✊🏾. I know people who are not blessed with perfect facial features but their sexy is 💯 , so you can’t tell the difference.

We all have the ability to find our sexy. Don’t allow anyone to hold you back from finding that spark that allows you to leave your mark. Remember to smile every day and make life your runway. Give the world the opportunity to see what’s inside of you, not just what’s outside. Go get your sexy back!



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