Glam Closet On A Budget

If you are like me and you love to maintain an organized, glamorous closet, then you may like the latest closet trend. It’s called the “Industrial look”. It features mainly wood and pipelines instead of standard cabinets with doors and draws. If you are good at wood work, you can even put it together yourself.

I started obsessing over this look for sometime. I am not a huge fan of traditional closets, which can cost a lot of money by the way. When I step into my closet I like to feel as though I am in a high-end boutique. This look I am about to show you will not break your bank. It’s classy, vintage and affordable.

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, regardless of your square footage, you can achieve this look. The look can be on wheels or fastened to the walls if you own your home and plan to be there for a long time. I highly recommend getting the industrial clothing rack of wheels even if you have more square footage. This item right here, has made me a more organized and glamorous packer😂😂. I am able to hang all my outfits prior to my trip so that it helps me to identify which trousers or skirt can by worn multiple times. It also helps me to choose the perfect pair of shoe or shoes to go with multiple outfits.

This particular one is available from Eileen Fischer but there are several different versions available at Walmart, Target and Amazon.

You cannot outfit a “glam closet” without a glamorous mirror, vintage or bedazzled. It goes nicely with an ottoman so you can put on those fine shoes you mortgaged your house to buy😎.

Long Mirror and Ottoman

Next comes the pedestal table. My personal favorite for accessories display. If I don’t see them, I don’t wear them! It also helps when you are accessorizing an outfit.

Pedestal table for jewelry.

Last but not least, you need the vintage trunk to complete the “glam closet”. Trunks can be used to store scarves, ties, hats, underwear, etc and then you can also use them as seating. Trunks don’t have to be expensive as you can purchase them at antique stores. The more distressed they are, the more glamorous they look in your closet.

Vintage Trunks

Overall, your closet must represent your style. The more organized it is, the better you look. Color coordination is a must for me. That way, I do a better job at blending my tops and bottoms. It also stops me from purchasing things I don’t need. I shop for what’s missing in my closet, not for ten of the same old things.

Checkout my Pinterest -Basia Alicia Powell, for more ideas on the “Industrial Closet”.

P.S. Good luck getting glamorous .

Glam Closet On A Budget

Basia aka Slayer

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