Bored With The Black Handbag?

Bored With The Black Handbag?

I remember a time when every woman had to have the black handbag. I must admit, I was one of them. I don’t know about you, but I cannot say the last time I purchased a black handbag. Oh how times have changed, as it’s no longer my style. Gone are the days when you need to have a black handbag to match a pair of black shoes. Fashion experts have proven that black shoes can go with any color handbag.

<img src"blackbag.jpg" alt="boredwiththeblackhandbag">
Bored With The Black Handbag

These days my handbag purchases range mainly from red, baby blue, grey and even hunter green. The rules of fashion have changed and I am grateful. I believe that my choice of handbag is an artistic expression, and a reflection of my mood and style. I should not have to wear a black handbag because of tradition. Quite frankly, I am bored of the classic black handbag.

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Bored With The Black Handbag?
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Bored With The Black Handbag?

Life is about color and fashion is about coloring outside of the lines. When I am buying a handbag I am thinking about three main things:

  1. Do I have this color bag in my closet?
  2. How many things can I wear it with? (Particularly when I travel abroad).
  3. Is it a statement accessory? In other words, can it make jeans and a white T-shirt look good?

Your handbag is an important accessory. It says everything about the type of woman you are. There was a time in the U.S. (not too long ago), when women visiting the hair salon got charged according to the cost of their handbag! #Realtalk. That is how important the handbag is. Some women are judged by their color, and others are judged by their handbag.#Lol.

Since I have ditched the black handbag, I have stuck to colors and brands that can go with multiple outfits and shoes. At the top of that list are the Louis Vuitton handbags. I also have an obsession with red handbags. As far as I am concerned, red is the new black. They go with every outfit and every shoes. Another stylish and practical choice is the grey handbag.

Overall, my handbag does not have to be black but it must be long lasting, classy, timeless and versatile. I must be able to dress it up or dress it down.

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