Finding Your Balance

Finding Your Balance

I am a wife,mother and entrepreneur . Sometimes I feel as though I am being pulled in so many directions. It took me a long time to be able to strike balance. After I was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago, I finally got it. I learned to say, ” No”, to everything and situation that causes my imbalance.

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Finding Your Balance

Learning to say no is the key to striking balance. If you allow everyone to off load their problems and issues on you, you will never get to live the life you were meant to live. Many people are afraid of living their best lives. They experience so much guilt. My advice to you if you feel like you are living someone else’s life, “stop.” If they don’t like you because you stopped, then they did not like you in the first place.

No one will call you up and say, “Hey I realize you are out of balance so I want to help you find balance.” We only find ourselves imbalanced when we consistently put ourselves last. If you are currently facing imbalance in your life, here is a checklist to get you through it:

  1. Spend more time doing the things that make you happy, even if it means doing your nails more😛. You get more accomplished with a happy state of mind. Prioritize making “you” happy before you attempt to make others happy.
  2. Spend less time on tasks that aren’t producing the results that you want. Learn to work smarter not harder. Hard work does not always pay off but smart work does. So many of us are working hard at things that will never bear fruit and these things are taking away from the quality of our lives.
  3. Quit your job if it is not making you happy! Yes I said it.🙄 So many people are reporting to jobs that are making them sick. Why? They are afraid of success or addicted to unhappiness. Life is too short to live someone else’s dream.
  4. Remember to rise everyday in gratitude. When you live a life of gratitude, it creates balance. It eliminates worry and stress because it increases contentment and draws the best opportunities and people to you.

If this article sparked something in you, then today is the day to ensure that you do not leave this earth until you find your balance. Pursue whatever dream that will leave a permanent smile on your face and in your heart.

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<img src="balance.jpg" atl="findingyourbalance">
Finding Your Balance

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