What’s The Real Problem?

Everyone has problems. Even if your problem is as simple as having acne. There are varied degrees of problems. Some people have health problems, some people have financial problems, that sometimes result in health problems, and some people have emotional problems. Regardless of the types of problem we face on a day to day basis, the struggle is real.

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What Is The Real Problem

I have experienced my own health, emotional and financial problems over the years. What I discovered was, at times we are so focused on our problems, that we get in the way of the solution. One thing I can confirm is that worrying never solved any of my problems. The only thing that solved my problem was faith.

Some people say leave the past in the past but sometimes you have to look back at the lessons, not the struggle. Today, I know for sure that sometimes God allows trials to happen to us to see how we will handle them. What is your first reaction to your trials? Do you worry? Do you feel sorry for yourself and host a pity party? Or do you say, “How can I learn from this?” I am a firm believer that trials come to make you stronger.

I discovered something very powerful about a year ago. Every problem is not a problem! Some problems are in our heads. Problems do not show up to kill you. Some of the best opportunities present itself in the form of problems. The result is dependent on your reaction to your problem.

The bottom line is, life is full of ups and downs. The down times are not forever. Every successful person had to get through something major to be where they are today. So what if you made a mistake? A mistake is not a problem. It is an opportunity to learn. If our first response to our problems would be to get out of our own way, then the problems we face on a daily basis will disappear. And let us not forget that any problem that can be solved is not a real problem to begin with.

Take some time today to reflect on what you are labeling “a problem” in your life. Flip the switch and look at your situation through different lens. Ask yourself, “What can I do to get out of the situation I am in, and how can I learn from it? If you can’t do anything to get out of it, then worrying still would not help you. And if you can learn something from it, then it presented itself to make you better.

Sometimes the problem is not the problem but how we choose to see the problem.


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