Real Wins

I grew up at a time, and in an environment where no one was really allowed to be themselves and express what was really on their minds. If you were unhappy you had to pretend that you were happy. If you were gay, you had to pretend that you were straight. Too many people I know died pretending to be someone else. It is simply not right. What does President Donald Trump, Cardi B, and Blac Chyna have in common? They are all real and they are winning by being themselves. Gay people can now be legally married. Real wins.

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Real Wins
President Trump/ Photo CNBC

After several conversations with random uber drivers, who support President Trump, it was revealed that the thing they love about him the most, is the fact that he says it, like he sees it. His presidency has defied the logic of most political pundits. Why? We were all raised on the idea that being politically correct wins. It was more important to make people like you, than to be your authentic self. Then came a guy called Donald Trump and he changed the game forever. He appeals to a base that does not give a “sh_t” about being politically correct. People simply want to be heard and appoint a leader who is brave enough to say how they feel and keep it real.

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Real Wins
Cardi B / Photo: NBC

Another great example of authenticity winning, is Cardi B. I have been in several corporate meetings and social gatherings with people who expressed to me that they do not like Cardi B. Well, well, newsflash, somebody definitely likes her, because she is winning all the way to the bank. She took the entertainment game by storm with her “bloody shoes”and real personality. Fans want to know the real you and that is what made reality tv so popular. People are tired of being politically correct, they just want to be themselves.

How can we forget “Reality TV Royalty”, the Kardashian family. They continue to make millions by being themselves. Everything goes down in front of the cameras. They don’t leave you guessing. People have no time for fake, pretentious behavior anymore. Times also up for that! If you are not keeping it real, you are not going to be seen or heard. I can go on and on and list many people who are “killing it” in this game called life. by being real. Whether you like them or not, is none of their business. For as long as they keep “leveling up” they are going to continue being themselves. Reality equals ratings. I would rather be loved for who I really am, than who you want me to be. That way I know that the love is real.

Whatever you do this week, be yourself. Authenticity wins. Just do you!

Keeping It Real

Basia aka Slayer

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