A Woman On A Mission

A Woman On A Mission

Today is a brand new day. It’s all we have. No one is guaranteed to see tomorrow, but we all hope to be here. On my journey, I have made a lot of mistakes. The worst mistake I have made thus far, is not being true to who I am, and trying to be who others want me to be. #Timesup

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I admire women who have the ability to be true to themselves. So many of us are prisoners outside of the prison cell. I am on a continuous path of self discovery. On this path, I will judge no one for the life they choose for themselves. If you choose to judge me, there is nothing I can do about that. (Spell my name correct on the check, while you judging.)

A wise person once said, “I am a spiritual being, having a human experience.” That is how I feel at this point in my life. I simply want to live the life I want, without interruption. I am not afraid to be judged or to fail. I am doing me. As I continue on my journey, I will make mistakes, but that is okay, it is all apart of my human experience.

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I have been on this journey for quite sometime, so I now know it’s okay to cry and to laugh at myself. I am not bothered when you laugh at me. I don’t need people to like me, respect is just fine. I want to dance and laugh more. I want to connect with my God/Creator daily, as He is my GPS on this journey. Whenever I make the wrong turn, He will redirect my steps. Whenever I fall, He will catch me. Whenever I lose something or someone leaves my life, He will send me better.

Nine years ago,I started a journey of self discovery that led to me legally changing my name to Basia (meaning- Daughter Of God). Those of you who were not traveling the path with me, may not understand and that’s okay. I am not seeking understanding or permission to live my life with greater purpose. I am a woman on a mission. You don’t have to love me, for me to love you back. My love blocks out your hate.

My mission is to inspire, encourage, motivate and protect all women. Sometimes, I feel like we are each other’s worst enemy, but if we truly came together we would be such a powerful force. In seven days, my dream of creating a digital media platform for women will bear fruit, as I launch our latest digital Tv series for women all over the globe, right here in Atlanta Georgia. This dream was like a bamboo plant. It did not seem to be growing for about six (6) years and now it’s about to bear fruit. All along it’s been growing its roots to make sure I have a firm foundation.

The truth is, I got scared at times and talked myself out of the idea of creating a powerful platform for women to “level up “ and support each other without judgement , regardless of creed color and class. I asked other women for help along the way, and help was denied. I soon realized that baby steps can become giant steps and the right “Yes” can reverse the pain of all the wrong “Nos”.

To all of you who have supported this platform called Basia over the years as I rise and fell, thank you🙏🏾. I have failed many times but I will not allow the people who continue to say, “No” to me , to stop me from dreaming. You see I am a woman on a mission, I don’t know everything that I am doing and sometimes I loose my way, and that’s ok. The one thing I know for sure and I have been telling you for almost a year, is that I am a “Slayer”. Well come join me as I chat with some amazing women who slay #allday #allnight.

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Stay tuned as we launch this amazing series called “Basia, Women Who Slay.” I am about to “LevelUP” . #Sheready. #Youready?

Let’s go

Basia aka Slayer🙏🏾❤


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