Better Vs Best

Better Vs Best

I have no idea what makes women compete unnecessarily with each other. We have enough strikes against us, trying to break the glass ceiling and prove to the world that we are capable of breast feeding, raising children and being in the board room or the workplace on a whole.

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Better Vs Best

I am leading a media platform that would hopefully help women to inspire, lookout and cheer for other women. This platform will help women to understand that they can become their best, without trying to be better than another woman. Whether you are CEO in the boardroom, a stay-at-home mom or you are dancing on a pole to feed your children,you can be fabulous in your own skin. It comes down to knowing what is striking about you. Is it your legs, eyes, hair, personality or tenacity? Every woman has something about her that is outstanding. Whatever it is, work it girl! Don’t spend time trying to bring down another woman who knows what she is worth.

When we all recognize that we are not competitors but we are playing different positions on the same team, then we all win. It is like we are in a choir, all singing in different notes to be able to harmonize. Our role as women is to lift each other up without unnecessary judgement. The day we really begin to accept this role and help other sisters up, we will start winning. We would all slay like Beyoncé last night at Coachella. “Bey shut it down” and made history as the first black female to headline the music festival.🔥🔥🔥

The women who have inspired me the most on my journey, are those who were not afraid to ask for help to become better and also those who were not threatened by me and mentored me without me asking. They simply wanted me to become better as I was doing my best.

When a woman is doing her best, she has no time to be threatened by another woman’s light. There will always be another woman brighter, prettier, taller, shorter, can sing and dance better than you and me. When we see a sister prospering, let’s be happy that she is wearing her crown and go find ours.

Our duty as women is to respect, protect and inspire each other. I am happy for all my slayers. Instead of focusing on being better than another woman, celebrate the fact that she chooses not to accept mediocrity and cheer her on as she becomes her best. We were placed on this earth to let our light shine. As we go forth this week, let us all get into formation like Beyonce did at Coachella 2018, with Kelly, Michelle and her sister Solange.

<img src+"better.jpg" atl="bettervsbest">
Better Vs Best

Beyoncé with Destiny’s Child @ Coachella 2018

Photo credit:You Tube

<img src="better.jpg" atl="bettervsbest"
Better Vs Best

Beyoncé with sister Solange @Coachella 2018

Photo credit:You Tube

We can all become our best, without focusing on being better than each other and putting each other down.


Basia aka “Slayer”♥️


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