Thank You Anya❤️

Today was indeed a blessing, As I had the pleasure of interviewing Project Runway winner, Anya Ayoung-Chee. We launched the first webisode of our digital TV series #BasiaWomenWhoSlay. This series is for women only, who slay, live their lives with purpose and without apology. For this reason, I interviewed Anya. She is indeed a “slayer”.

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Thank You Anya

My interview with Anya was candid. She set the record straight on many things, like her marriage, pregnancy and sexuality. What I love about Anya is her authenticity and her ability to be vulnerable about her truth. She lives her life without apology.

Thank You Anya

Thank you Anya. You are a beautiful soul and indeed you are a #Slayer! Guys you do not want to miss this one. She came correct 🙄👌🏾. It’s a two part interview and “Part 1” airs in two (2) weeks on and #Staytuned #itsgoingdown.

Anya Ayoung-Chee Tells All


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