Choose To Climb

I finally realized the reason I am afraid of heights. It is due to the fact that I keep looking down while I am climbing. Think about it for a moment. It’s like looking back when you are trying to move forward. It will never work. Most of us want to move up in life, but we keep looking down, due to the fear of falling. So we are actually focusing on our fear.

Choose To Climb

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For some reason, I feel nostalgic today. I started thinking about all the tough times, when I allowed my thoughts and sometimes people to distract me from looking up. At one point, I even convinced myself that my life is perfect right where I am, and there was no need to do more to get to the next level. I was confusing gratitude with fear . Today I choose to climb.

It’s one thing to be grateful for what you have, but it does not mean that you should stop striving for better or more. When you are grateful, you simply do not complain about your life. However, when you are unwilling to climb further and achieve more in your life, don’t blame it on your gratitude, blame it on your fear of altitude 😎.

We were all place on this earth for a reason. Some people are doctors, others are teachers and the list goes on. I have heard many people say, “I was born to do this.” That is simply a feeling you have, after making the right choice for you. No one was born with a label to fail or succeed. In other words, you were not born to be a drug addict or a homeless person. We put labels on ourselves by making the wrong or right choice.

We also experience stagnation in life when we refuse to climb. We were taught as children that if we climb a tree we would fall. From an early age, we associated climbing with falling. As such, we are not afraid of climbing, we are actually afraid of falling. As we grew older, we took that fear of falling with us into every experience that required changing our altitude.

I know that I cannot arrived at my destination unless I am willing to look up and keep climbing. The cynics would say, “The higher the climb, the harder the fall.” Well, I say to them, “The higher the climb, the greater the reward.” Today, I encourage you all to keep climbing. Your reward may be 24 hours away. Do not allow you fear of falling to prevent you from living and enjoying your climb.

Climb with gratitude 🙏🏽

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