Confidence Is Everything

Confidence Is Everything

Nothing can be achieved without confidence. Confidence is everything. Confidence is derived from authenticity. It is the most important characteristic in achieving anything. Either you are confident that you are going to fail or you are confident you are going to succeed. Confidence gets you the end results. Many people feel that they need money to be able to get what they want. What they really need is the confidence to get the money, they want.

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Please do not associate confidence with aggression. It’s a mistake many people make. It can certainly be paired with assertiveness. You can quietly believe in yourself. You do not have to broadcast your self belief to the world or be obnoxious . When you know, what you know, that’s enough. Confidence is derived from authenticity and self love. It is hard to truly love yourself and not be confident.

Dreams just don’t come true, you have to be confident that they would. For me, the key is confidence and preparation. People cannot give you confidence but if you are not careful, they can take it away from you. I believe that you have to choose confidence at every stage of your life. Your role is to love you and feel that you are good enough. Even if you don’t feel it, fake it, till you make it honey🙄. I have never seen a track and field athlete win a race with low self-confidence.

Life is a race that can only be won with confidence and perseverance. We all want to live our best lives, but that cannot be achieved without confidence and “guts”. Do not wait on anyone to believe in your dreams. You have to walk towards your dream with self confidence and certainty and it will work itself out. As Bob Marley says, “You can’t believe, you must know.”

There is no such thing as “over confident”, but there is such a thing as “lacking in confidence”. I don’t know what dream you are working on at the moment, but dreams only come true for people who are confident that they would.

Sexy Is An Attitude

♥️Basia aka Slayer

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P.S. I am out here in these streets following my dreams one step at a time. #basiastyle

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