Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams

I am a firm believer in living your dreams. The most recent example of the manifestation of a dream, was the Royal Wedding, with Prince Harry and Her Royal Highness, Meghan Markle. I have always been a dreamer, even when I was not allowed to dream out loud. I believe that people who think outside the box and do things differently, are always victorious.


Never allow your present challenges to stop you from dreaming. Life can be messed up at times, but you can always do something about it. It does not matter what happens to you. All that matters is what you do about it. The thing that separates you from your dream is your fear of chasing your dream. If you want to move to another level in your life you have to be willing to take the first step and change your current situation.

If your environment, relationship or friendships are preventing you from living your best life, then do something about it. Everyone can achieve their dreams if they are willing to take the steps to achieve them. The first step is to get excited about living your dreams and develop a relentless passion that would allow you to not take “No” for an answer.

All dreams require a firm foundation. Foundation building is never easy. Usually we lose a lot, sometimes everything before we start moving towards our dreams. What most people don’t realize is, if you can build a strong foundation, you can build a house. The house cannot be built without the foundation. The same thing applies to your dream. You have to live through your foundation phase before you start living your dreams. Every struggle is a “rite of passage.”

Sometimes many people do not get to live their dreams because they are too busy hijacking other people’s dreams. Hijackers are afraid to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve their own dreams so they prefer to piggyback off the hard work and dreams of others.

Meghan Markle is the latest example of the power of dreams. She was not born into royalty, but worked hard and became an actress, and her passion for philanthropy enabled her to marry into The Royal family. She is black, or of mixed race (whatever racial category you choose) , divorced, and grew up with a single, black mother. She once worked in a yogurt shop and the list goes on. Today, she is living her dream as The Duchess of Sussex, because she refused to give up and continued to pursue excellence.

Like Meghan, you can live your dreams as well. Dreams don’t come true overnight, but once you do not give up, they will take form. Take a good look at your life and identify the the people or circumstances that are holding you back from living your dreams, and do something about it. Life is short. Go chase your dreams. It is possible to live your dreams once you really want too.


Basia aka “Slayer”

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