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Farewell Anthony Bourdain

Farewell Anthony Bourdain

By Basia Alicia PowellI don’t usually write blogs that are sad, but today is an exception. I woke up this morning to the news of the passing of a culinary and media rockstar, CNN’s Anthony Bourdain. I was shocked, enraged and hurt, all at once. Let me explain.Photo Credit CNN.comDeath is a natural part of life’s cycle. However, when we choose to end our own lives, that is not a part of the cycle. This happened on the heals of learning of the suicidal death of designer Kate Spade. So it is now a pattern and a signal that many people who we assume have it together and have a charmed life, are actually living in pain. Bourdain in particular, was a major inspiration for me as a member of the culinary media world. I used to say to my husband , ” He is so lucky, he gets to showcase food around the world, on TV.” I had no idea that the man whom I admired for his work in culinary media, was in such pain. I launched my food blog, www., to be able to showcase food around the world, just like he did. I had no idea that he wanted to escape the world.I never met Anthony Bourdain in person, but I have close friends who did. I understand from their accounts that he was a wonderful human being. I write this blog not just to remember him, but to remind people to ask for help, if they are hurting, and to ask people who are hurting people, to stop. Many of us have people in our lives who think suicidal thoughts or might also make you want to think of committing suicide. Either way, get professional help.It does not matter if you have your dream career, or lots of or no money. People experience depression and anxiety for many reasons. If you are experiencing depression and anxiety, please get help. Suicide is not the solution. Help is available. Regardless of what you are facing, you can get help and turn your life around. Do not feel ashamed about your experience. We are all facing challenges. That is just how life is. I promise you, once you get the right type of help, the other side of life can be beautiful. I am not a mental health expert, but I am a human being who have been through many challenges in my life, and I am never afraid to be real. A balanced spiritual life, regular exercise and a good diet helps. When that is not enough, medical attention is necessary.We have one life to live. So live it. Go after your dreams and don’t postpone your happiness. Make no apologies for making yourself happy. It is a choice you make. If you find it difficult to find happiness, get professional help. Happiness HealsBasia aka “Slayer”


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