7 Signs That He Loves You

7 Signs That He Loves You

By Basia Alicia Powell

7 Signs That He Loves You

I am not an expert at love, but I know a thing or two because I have been in these streets y’all! On a serious note, I found myself giving wanted and unwanted advice to a number of mature single ladies. There are a lot of women looking for real love from the wrong men. Truth be told, a good man is not that hard to find. You are looking at the wrong men to be a good man you. Here are 7 signs you need to look for when you are trying to figure out if the man you are with, truly loves you:

1. Has He Introduced You To His Immediate Family And Best Friends?

If the answer to this is, “No”, then he is not that in to you. In most cases when a man wants to spend the rest of his life with you, he takes you home to meet the people who are closest to him. This can be within a month or two of dating. If you have been dating for over six months to a year and he has not introduced you as his girlfriend to any of these people, run.

2. He Does Not Care If His Family Or Friends Like You.

Ever heard the song, “When a man loves a woman, she does no wrong”? Well that song is real. Men have given up kingdoms and inheritance for women. When a man loves you, it does not matter to him, who likes you. If he wants to be with you, this is exactly what he is going to do. If you are dating a guy and his mother or sister, or some other family member is not that into you, and it is causing problems, that is not a good sign.

3. He Will Spend His Last Dime To Impress You

I always say to women, “It matters not how much money a man has, what matters is how much of it he is prepared to spend on you at the start of a relationship.” Many women are on the hunt for a man with a lot of money. If you find him and he is not willing to spend a lot of it on you, then love is “not in the air”. On the other hand, there are a lot of hardworking men who are willing to spend their last dime to make the woman of their dreams happy. That’s a keeper! He loves you. A man will put his money where his heart is. “No money, no love.”

4. Would He Take Care Of You When You Are Ill?

This is the real test of his love. The way your man responds to you having a common cold, is an indication of how he will respond to a more serious illness. If you tell him that you are not feeling well and he goes missing in action for a few days, do not call him when you get better. A man who really loves you will want to be by your side when you are ill. He should offer to bring you soup and buy you flowers. Real love transcends illness.

5. He Says You Are Right Even When You Are Wrong

A man who loves his woman will always support his woman in most circumstances, even when she is wrong. He may tell her privately that she is wrong, but will not abandon her publicly. He will always defend her honor. When a man loves his woman, he never wants to see her in any type of pain; emotional of physical. Your happiness is his happiness. Whatever upsets you, causes him discomfort. If the man you are dating is not concerned when someone is upsetting you, that may be a sign that he does not care that much about you.

6. He Spends Quality Time With You

You should not have to beg your man to spend quality time with you, doing what you love. If the time he spends with you only involves the bedroom, that is not a sign of real love. Intimacy and love can also be found in the kitchen, making a meal together, shopping,going to church and gardening. Real love is not about how good the sex is. While sex is important, a man can enjoy great sex in multiple relationships while he can only love one woman at a time.

7. He Is Prepared To Put A Ring On It

I know quite a few women in committed relationships, who are auditioning for the ring (marriage). When your man truly loves you, he will not hesitate to make you his wife . The only time he hesitates is when he is not sure you are the one. You should not perform wife duties for a man who is not prepared to make you his wife. When a man truly loves you, he does not want to lose you. He is not afraid to put a ring on it

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