6 Healthy Food Substitutes

6 Healthy Food Substitues

By Basiastylecooking.com

There are many ways to substitute unheathly food, and still be content with your meal. Here are some suggestions:

1. Water
Water is pure and has no artifical sweeteners or chemicals. Because of its properties, it can easily be used as a substitute for any carbonated or alcoholic beverages. It flushes out toxins in your body and promotes weight loss. At least 2 litres of water a day, should improve your healthy lifestyle.

An avocado is, what many refer to as the “good fat”.Avocados are a tasty substitue if you prefer not to eat salads or vegetables 24/7 . Not only does it give you the vitamins you need, it also provides the healthy fat that supports your skin and its absorption of nutrients in your body.

3. Quinoa
Quinoa is a grainy-seed like plant that is very healthy and can be used to substitue white or brown rice. It contains B-vitamins, calcium, iron and other benefial antioxidants for the body.

4. Olive Oil
Olive oil is not only good for hair and skin use, it is also one of the best oils you can incorporate into your diet. It lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke. It can be used for baking, frying, stewing, and can also be used as a salad dressing.

5. Low Calorie Wheat/Grain Bread
One of the most commonly used carbs, is bread. We use it to make sandwiches, and sometimes used as crumbs when baking. Due to the high percentage of sugar present in regular bread, it happens to be high in calories. There are some grain and wheat based bread on the market that offers a lower calorie count and are better substitutes for bread lovers. This way you can enjoy bread without worrying about weight gain.

6. Organic Fruits And Vegetables
Organic fruits and vegetables are grown fresh, without man-made fertilizers and pesticides. They are also known as non GMO fruits. It contains essential vitamins and minerals that will keep you energized and healthy longer. Organic fruits and vegetables should be your first choice for a better functioning immune system.
Good luck finding the best healthy substitutes for all those delicious foods you enjoy consuming. The idea is for all of us to live long healthy lives.

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