I Am Appalled

I Am Appalled

The past few days have been challenging for many, including me. I am angry, appalled and pissed! Why? I sit back and look in horror at the modern day slavery taking place at the United States border, involving refugee children being ripped away from their parents. My heart breaks to know that innocent children, who did not choose where they were born, have to endure such mental and emotional torture.

The footage of the premises where these children are being housed, has left me speechless. As a mother and a human being, I became further alarmed when I heard the sentiments of Fox News, Laura Ingram and others, justifying the less than humane treatment of these minors. I am interested to know if Ms Ingram, will send her children to a summer camp like that, dressed in the above.

It is a sad day in this country when people cannot put aside their party loyalty in favor of humanity. I do not care what side of the fence you sit politically. We are all entitled to vote as we please. That is our political right, that embodies the right to vote and freedom of speech. What I take issue with is the cold hearted sentiments of many on the far right, who are unable to separate their political views from their humanitarian.

Within recent months, I have encountered quite a few people who have lost faith in the Church and no longer believe in God. While I am not one of them, I can certainly understand their skepticism, when I see people who are on ” the far right” based on their religious beliefs, find it acceptable to justify the mistreatment of children or any human being for that matter. The God I serve, would never endorse anyone of us favoring any form of slavery. He did warn us that, “There will be wolves in sheep clothing.” I must say this horrific situation on the US Border has brought out the wolves.

I am still in disbelief that this is taking place in a first world country that runs to the aid of third world countries (where there is oil and gold🙄), where children are being mistreated. This is some double standard, since what is taking place at the US Border is very third world. The country which defines itself as the land of the free, is endorsing the enslavement of others and separation of families. That is what slavery was based on; the separation of families and the institutionalization of human beings against their will. I cannot imagine someone taking my children away from me. Can you?

The United States of America was built on the sweat of hard working immigrants, of every color and nationality, some of which came here illegally from various countries. I am not condoning illegal immigration. However, I am asking for corrective action that does not infringe on human rights. Not everyone was blessed to be born in the right environment or a free country. Some people have no choice but to run from where they were born. This could have been anyone of us. The God some of us serve requires us to, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Let us put our religious belief aside for a moment, and simply focus on good and evil. What side do you want to be on? I choose good. Evil has consequences.

My ” far right friends” say they are pro life? Therefore, you do not believe in abortions. Well what about actual human life? How about that? Is it that once the fetus is born of a certain color you stop caring? Everybody is somebody. Where is the pulse of this world? It seems like the heart of the world has stop beating. How can we become people who care about each other again?

On that note, I want to give a special “shout out’ to Kim Kardashian- West for leading the charge to have Alice Marie Johnson pardoned and released from prison. That act of good will barely made the media but when she posts naked photos, you have a lot to say. Maybe someone needs to call Kim KW to get them to free the “daxn” children and send them home to their parents. She has proven that she can get the president to free people😎.


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