I Am A Work In Progress

I am not perfect. I am a work in progress. I strive for continuous improvement and I learn from my mistakes. I will not apologize because I did not know everything 25 years ago. I enjoy learning and growing. That makes my life enjoyable and worth living.

Everyday, I try to learn a new word to expand my vocabulary and every month, I try to learn something I did not know last month. I have no time to focus on other people’s business, because I am too busy trying to make ‘me’ a better and wiser woman.

If you know everything, you should be worried. It means you are no longer learning . Living is about growing and learning new things. After physical growth is over, the mind continues (if you feed it) . The reason I love my life so much, is due to the fact that I look forward to learning new things everyday.

What about you? Do you still enjoy learning new things? Are you a work in progress? I know that I am😜. I look forward to you sharing.

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