Style by Tommy Hilfiger

Some of you have been asking me to showcase some more of my daily styles and more on my “slayage”. So, here we go. This is how I slay all day .

Today’s style is casual sporty and it’s all about designer Tommy Hilfiger (TH). I chose TH for my casual look as his styles are affordable, classic and laid back at the same time.

Style by Tommy Hilfiger

My bag, top and shoes are all TH and my jeans skirt is by LEE ( which by the way, I will be repeating with other outfits) 🤣

If you are an “on the go”mom like me, and you have lots of errands to run, then this look might be for you, as it is stylish, effortless and comfortable.

Keep checking my blog and Instagram/basiapowell for more #Basiastyle updates.



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